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XLR develops and manufactures
MRI imaging products and solutions

Our customers include research organizations, hospitals and drug discovery companies involved in anatomical and functional MRI imaging with or without multinuclear spectroscopy.

In addition to supplying high field NMR products such as RF coils to OEM manufacturers, XLR Imaging supplies a host of integrated contract research and development services.

XLR Introduces Clinical Grade Solution For Dual Tuned Coil Applications

XLR Imaging is pleased to introduce the world's first Dual Tuned RF head coil based on the high field optimized Hybrid Birdcage Coil. With reduced electric field, superior sensitivity and higher homogeneity than designs based on high pass or low pass birdcage coils, the choice becomes clear.

  Research Products
Shielded and unshielded coils up to 7T

  Clinical Grade Solutions
Open, unshielded designs for proton and multi-nuclear spectroscopy.
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